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Sample Test Post 74f657 Datahseet

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What is a Bus Transceiver?


Key Features & Specifications
  • adFamily F
  • VasdC (Masdasdin) (V) 4.5
  • VCC (Maasdx) (V) 5.5

74F657 Pinout

Pin NamePin No.Description
A02A0 ports, 3–state inputs
A13A1 port, 3–state inputs
A24A2 port, 3–state inputs
A35A3 port, 3–state inputs
A46A4 port, 3–state inputs
VCC7Chip Supply Voltage
A58A5 port, 3–state inputs
A69A6 port, 3–state inputs
A710A7 port, 3–state inputs
ODD/EVEN’11Parity select input
ERROR’12Error output
PARITY13Parity output
B714B7 port, 3–state inputs
B615B6 port, 3–state inputs
B516B5 port, 3–state inputs
B417B4 port, 3–state inputs
GND18Ground Pin
GND19Ground Pin
B320B3 port, 3–state inputs
B221B2 port, 3–state inputs
B122B1 port, 3–state inputs
B023B0 port, 3–state inputs
OE’24Output enable input (active low)


the 74F657 has a wide array of applications, a few of them are mentioned as following

  • Ideal in places where high output drive and light bus loading is required.
  • Suitable for use in automotive applications.

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