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RECOM Voltage Converters for the World of Intelligent

All the technologies mentioned in the introduction include a number of separate concepts, but they all have some common features. These are: distributed intelligence, acquisition of information by means of multiple interconnected sensors/actuators and a decentralised control system. In practice, they can make certain spaces, environments or objects “intelligent” through the capture of data from a variety of sensors with an almost unlimited territorial range.

The arrangement of sensors requires the use of various power sources. These often include free energy sources such as photovoltaic cells, broadband antennas, piezoelectric converters, wind power generators and others. The situation is different, e.g. in smart buildings where power is supplied from the mains – the available voltage is different and depends on the standard applicable in a given country.

Different areas of application place specific requirements on the applied converters. That is why not every converter will be suitable for a given field of use. The parameters that should be considered are: small dimensions, increased reliability, high energy efficiency over the entire load current range, and a moderate price, since the voltage converters will be used in bulk, just like the sensors, processors and actuators they power.

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